Flagon selection tips to help choose hello

Created Date: 2016-08-06 09:09:36

Wine, I think it is a favorite of many men. In ancient China, the wind began drinking prevailed, the birth attendant is a jug, jug of birth should be traced back to the era of the new era. After that, all kinds of flagon consequential, not only can be used to hold wine, it can also be used as an ornament collection. But then, a lot of people to see their favorite jug, do not know what kind of selection is both beautiful and practical, address this issue, I'll show you a few tips to pick the jug.

Jug, English Flagon, loaded with wine pot. Long history, after the birth of mankind wine. In the world there are a wide variety of categories and different materials. Both artistic ornamental value.

In ancient China, when used for drinking pour in the middle of the Qing Ming to be called ewer, then known as the jug during the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic, the general shape of a square, cylindrical, often foreign objects painted pastel Ladies and His Idyll FIG. Ming and Qing Dynasty also appeared hot and hot wine jug, jug usually ceramic, gold and silver are also manufactured in Tibetan, and even wooden jug, but for many young Tibetans in terms of contemporary, jug is wood difficult to saw. Wood and wood butter barrel shape flagon almost existing wooden jug, they are treasures. In modern times, the jug is also a new development, the emergence of a new jug material, such as stainless steel hip flask and so on.

First, purchase tips:

1, Material: Ordinary steel compared with steel, prices vary greatly. Ordinary steel may grow because of insufficient purity, rust over time, the choice of stainless steel flagon quality more assured; material thickness also determines the quality of good or bad, is generally greater than a thickness of 1.0 cm is better. Some jug material is thin, strong hand will press down the deformation.

2. Process: TIG stainless steel welding rod, welded very strong, high cost of the process; by soldering, steel and tin are not well fused jug onto the floor easier to weld cracking. Further tin susceptible to human intake of trace elements, harmful to the body, so the soldering jug is not consistent with food hygiene standards.

Second, the purchase method flagon

1, the work to see whether the welding process and meticulous;

2, touch the bottom of the jug, mouth, to see whether it rough;

3. Check the jug lid seam is tight, with or without the possibility of leakage;

4, select the brand as much as possible to understand the industry to understand the health standards of the industry at home and abroad.

The above is for everyone I sorted out some tips about selected jug, I hope this information will give you some substantive action, you see their favorite jug when these tips to master, I think we both will be able to buy their favorite, and very practical, and on display in the house, like an ornament like. I believe that to have a good jug, guests can win praise yo. But, ultimately, it is to remind you not to indulge in alcohol, ranging from cultivation, as many beverages.