Stainless steel small flagon wine which can be installed?

Created Date: 2016-08-06 09:18:28

Stainless steel small flagon currently very popular, it can be provided with a variety of drinks, and relatively small, but also simply repeating carry.

Stainless steel small flagon of stainless steel is used in different types of stainless steel, and the quality and characteristics of different stainless steel is different. Usually small stainless steel jug can be used to dress relatively strong wine, such as liquor and the like. Best not for beer, because beer there will be gas, will be opened with exposure to air, it will deteriorate over time, so be sure to open the bottle to drink directly, avoiding the deterioration into a small jug.

Bring a few bottles Kumiss or steel pot of wine sent to relatives and friends, very face!