MY1016 24V 350W Electric Brush Motor + Speed Controller EVO Scooter E-Bike ATV

  • Brand: Tiandi Motion
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24V 350W Electric Scooter Motor, e-Scooter Motor, Gear Motor

Found on a variety of stand-up electric scooters, pocket bikes, ATVs and electric dirt bikes

  • 24Volt
  • 350Watt
  • Rated Speed: 2500RPM
  • Rated Current: 18.3A
  • 11 tooth sprocket for 8mm (25H) Chain


This 24 volt controller has 8 connectors.
Rated Voltage 24 Volts
Rated Motor 350 Watts
Rated Current 27±1A
Conversion Efficency 95%
Under Voltage Protection 31.5±0.5V

Plug :
1.Red & Black (large cable) : Battery connections
2.Yellow & Blue : Motor connections    
3.Red & Blue : Key Switch(power lock)                                      
(If there is no power door locks,red connection to blue)
4.Yellow & black : brake                      
5.Red & Yellow: Brake light                             
6.Red&Black(small cable) : indicator light        
7.Red, Black & Blue: Speed Regulator 1-4 V(Throttle )                            
(Red:+5v,Black: -  ,Blue :Signal Wire)
8.Red & Black (small cable): Charger

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