• TDPRO Universal Motorcycle Pulley Holder Tool Flywheel & Clutch Pulleys

TDPRO Universal Motorcycle Pulley Holder Tool Flywheel & Clutch Pulleys

  • Brand: Tiandi Motion
  • Product Code: TW276
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  • $12.60

  • Adjustable tool for holding flywheels while removing the lock nut
  • Works on Honda pit bike clones and genuine Honda engines

This flywheel removal tool will function on many machines. It is particularly designed for Chinese pit bike flywheels, which have slots or holes to allow the tool to be inserted at different angles.

This is a branded pro tool, better quality than your regular Chinese copy parts.
this not a puller; it is used to hold the flywheel on the crankshaft. Buyers will receive one tool as pictured.

How is this tool used?

Use the screw on the tool to adjust the arms to the appropriate size. Insert the pins on the end of the tool into the appropriate slots on the flywheel. to hold the flywheel.

Key Features

  • All of our tools have been produced with workshop users in mind to solve everyday mechanical problems
  • The tool has been produced from hardened metal for long life and performance
  • Features two sizes of pin on either side of the tool for different sizes of flywheel slots
Measurement  mm                inches
Overall Length  310                12.2
Diameter of Larger Pins  
  9                0.35
Diameter of Smaller Pins  7                0.28
Maximum Distance that the Arms Can be Opened 
(Centre of Pin to Centre of Pin)


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